Gerald Thomas's Frontal Nude Protest

After having been indicted for exposing my behind during the curtain call of the production of Tristan and Isolde (4 year prison sentence pending appeal/17 feb 2004), I decided to post this frontal nude on my Brazilian website. It only makes sense. Think about it. If they are going to sue me because of my ass, they might as well sue my penis. After all, the two have been together for 49 years. It would make no sense, whatsoever, to separate them now.

Here is Zuenir Ventura's text in its entirety:

Friends, admirers amd colleagues of Gerald Thomas: we want to manifest our solidarity for this moment which might have been impuslive and unthoughful and possibly criticizable, but never a reason for punishment. He is being prosecuted and threatened by a Criminal Act . Apart from the absurdity - which remids us Brazilians of the hard days of our military dictatorship - the authorities are not considering the fact that if anyhthing what happened was not an act against morality. Perhaps what did happen was an act against good taste, let's say. But all that took place within a theater, which is historically a space where freedom of expression has always been practised.

If publically Gerald Thomas has already said that he was sorry for what he has done (on the Jo Soares Show, aired by TV Globo two days after the event) , it seems unfair to us that insisting in transforming his "lack of a crime" into a crime; worse even, convicting him of a crime he has not committed seems like an awful revenge, an agenda, a vendetta.