Theater Director Mooning Hearing Delayed

New York Times, Wednesday, 12 November 2003

Avant-garde theater director Gerald Thomas is going to have wait a little longer to learn the price of a moon.

On Tuesday, prosecutors asked a Rio judge to postpone a hearing on whether or not Thomas would face indecent exposure charges for mooning the audience following an opera performance in August.

Following a performance of Richard Wagner's "Tristan und Isolde" at Rio de Janeiro's municipal theater, Thomas shocked audience members and much of the cast by taking down his pants and displaying his buttocks in response to jeers at the curtain call.

The over-top-production featured sashaying fashion models and an actor playing Sigmund Freud who threw around a white powder meant to be cocaine.

Thomas, who is Jewish, claims he mooned the audience in response to anti-Semitic catcalls from the crowd.

Thomas apologized for his actions on a nationally televised talk show, but prosecutors insist he be charged.